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Medical Licensure Defense

Physician Licensure Defense Attorneys

A significant area of our practice is representing physicians before their licensing boards in Kentucky and throughout the Southeastern United States. Fox DeMoisey was counsel to the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure for eight years and has represented physicians before that board for nearly 30 years, giving him vast knowledge and invaluable experience to aid in the vigorous representation of his clients.

This unparalleled knowledge gives him a sophisticated understanding of the laws as well as the people and processes involved in negotiating and resolving cases on behalf of clients before their respective licensing boards.

Matters involving health care professionals are governed by specific rules, regulations, and procedures of health care and administrative law. The rules governing the practice of medicine are complex and, as the career of the physician may be at risk, the stakes are high. Fox DeMoisey’s experience in this niche area of the law provides his clients with the assurance of the highest level of legal advocacy, knowledge, and professionalism. The large number of physicians and other licensed professionals that Fox DeMoisey has helped to maintain or re-establish their professional license in Kentucky and throughout the United States has earned him a national reputation in professional licensure matters.

Fox DeMoisey and the attorneys at DeMoisey Law Office have extensive experience representing physicians and health care providers accused of professional misconduct. In addition to representing physicians, our Licensure Defense clients are professionals in all areas of health care, including physicians, dentists, nurses, chiropractors, and other specialists who require representation before their professional licensing boards.

The Louisville, Kentucky attorneys at DeMoisey Law Office are driven, experienced lawyers dedicated to providing exceptional client service and helping you achieve your goals.

DeMoisey Law Office was founded and is still managed today by Louisville attorney J. Fox DeMoisey. For approximately forty years, Fox DeMoisey has practiced law in Louisville, Kentucky, representing clients in a wide range of legal matters. He has earned a reputation as a leading Kentucky trial lawyer, representing clients in many significant and high profile cases in Kentucky, the Southeastern United States, and throughout the country.

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