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As history has shown, businesses and corporations sometimes act selfishly and illegally in order to improve the bottom line. They put profits over people and we – the public – suffer greatly at the hands of their greed and irresponsibility. From Big Tobacco to Pharmaceutical Companies to Oil Giants, we have all seen the dangers and felt the effects from irresponsible business actions.

When a company is breaking the law in order to drive its profitability, it is often hard to detect. The people with the damaging truth are the ones who stand to gain the most from the wrongs being committed. When a company insider stands up and reports the wrongs taking place inside the corporation they are called whistleblowers and are entitled in proper cases to receive compensation under the law for doing what is right, protecting the public, and exposing the truth. These cases can be called whistleblower cases, and are also known as Qui Tam actions.

DeMoisey Law Office has experience in representing whistleblowers. Fox DeMoisey represented one of the whistleblowers in the Tobacco Cases - Merrell Williams - as the provider of “in house” documents that laid the foundation for uncovering the secrets long held by Big Tobacco: that nicotine is addictive and cigarettes cause cancer. The action was resolved in Mr. Williams’s favor within the settlement between the Tobacco Companies and the State of Mississippi. The case caused quite a media frenzy and Mr. DeMoisey appeared with Mr. Williams on “60 Minutes” as part of the exposé centered on the tobacco litigation. Articles have appeared in the USA Today and the New York Times to name just a few major news outlets covering this landmark litigation. Mr. DeMoisey was also contacted by Mr. Ralph Nader who founded the consumer advocacy group Public Citizen and worked with Mr. Nader and a member of his team – Mr. Alan Morrison – in various capacities during the litigation.

The litigation spanned jurisdictions from Kentucky to Washington, D.C. to Mississippi. While most people solely account Jeffrey Wigand for blowing the whistle on Big Tobacco (made famous in the movie “The Insider”) this article on describes the role both Merrell Williams and Jeffrey Wigand played in bringing justice to light. Wigand was used as the face for Hollywood because he worked for a tobacco company – Brown & Williamson. Merrell Williams – whom Fox DeMoisey represented – worked for one of Brown & Williamson’s law firms, which had copies of the research kept from the public and the United States Congress showing that nicotine is addictive and cigarettes cause cancer.

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